From transactional to partnership: Ricoh investing in Managed Document Services.

15 November 2012

Managed Print Services (MPS) specialist consulting and training firm, MPS101 is working with Ricoh on a programme which aims to raise awareness of the Ricoh Managed Document Service offering and to develop the company’s consultative selling skills. This programme addresses the challenge many traditional print providers are currently facing as failure to meet their clients’ needs will leave the door open for established professional service companies to enter this market.



Managed Document Services can be precisely defined as the proactive management of your documents to deliver better business efficiency.
Ricoh has identified the need to work in partnership with its clients in order to gain an understanding of the issues they are facing and to develop appropriate solutions for their document and print management.

Particularly Ricoh also understands the increasing pressures on organisations in terms of information overload, cost savings and the need to be more sustainable. These pressures have been incorporated into the Ricoh strategy to sell services rather than products – however an internal culture change is first required to deliver this new strategy.

The issue

Ricoh is investing in the development of a Managed Document Service offering that can deliver multiple benefits to an organisation, including significant cost savings and enhanced green credentials. However, no matter how good the service may be, the key to Ricoh successfully delivering to its clients lies in first transforming its own culture and ways of thinking and working.

The challenge in building a consultative sales approach is that it requires a shift in mind-set and skills development of the organisation’s sales force.

The role of MPS101

To guide and support this internal transformation, Ricoh needed a partner who could talk knowledgeably about the evolving Managed Print Services sector from a product, client and sales perspective and deliver training in a consultative and interactive style. Due to its unique first-hand experience of selling and implementing MPS on a global level, its experience of developing and running MPS training and its independence in the market, Ricoh chose to partner with MPS101.

MPS101 was considered the only partner in the market able to provide consultancy and training services with sufficient credible subject matter expertise and independence in order to drive the change required.

The impact

The result of this partnership has been a significant increase in awareness across Ricoh Australia of the benefits and opportunities to be gained from implementing a Managed Document Service, as well as how to address the challenges of selling the concept to clients.

There is a greater appreciation across the organisation of the importance of first gaining a deep understanding of your client’s requirements rather than simply selling a product.
Building real-world experiences into the training programme was one of the key aspects that participants found most valuable and ensured high engagement in the course.

Ricoh is now moving from being an organisation selling products and related services to an organisation working in partnership with its clients to meet their information needs. Based on the extremely positive feedback from participants and the early results of the programme, Ricoh is now looking to commission MPS101 to roll out the training across its offices in Asia.

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