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September 2012

As a featured speaker at our Conference in Sydney, Photizo Group would like to invite you to take part in an interview for our website, MPS Insights.  Please answer the questions below.

1. How have you seen the imaging market evolve over the past decade and how have these changes impacted your business?

I’ve been closely involved in the development of the imaging market over the last ten years and it’s been fascinating to watch. With the market commoditizing hardware and MPS accelerating the independence away from brand specific solutions to focusing on service it became obvious to me that following the path of true value through consulting was the way to evolve.

2. Currently, what is your market (i.e., region, vertical) and how are they evolving and adapting to these changes?

MPS is a global phenomenon and as such I have to be prepared to go wherever the opportunity is. At the moment that means dividing my time between Australia where I live and the UK but we’re hoping to expand into China and India shortly. China’s government led drive towards a circular economy in which businesses co-exist in a cycle of sustainability represents an incredible opportunity for MPS and we’re currently working out how we can help them achieve their goal.

3. How are you participating in helping change and grow the market (i.e. sponsoring an event) and why?

Because MPS101 is a pure consulting business our role is one of influence. We firmly believe in sharing knowledge and facilitating discussion around MPS and we are certainly not protectionist. When you look at the potential for MPS in the Asia Pacific region the fastest way to grow the market is to take the message to as many people as possible, this is why we were so keen to get involved with Photizo and the MPS AsiaPac conference.

4. You’re a speaker at the upcoming MPS Conference in Sydney; what topic will you be speaking about and why do you feel it is important?

I’m so lucky to be able to talk about the environmental benefits of an MPS because in this region with the possible introduction of the Carbon Tax next year there is a huge focus for business in driving down their Carbon Footprint and reducing their associated costs. I’m hoping to introduce a new mindset to both the businesses tackling their Carbon Footprint and resellers who are working out how and why the MPS world should be interested in Green Issues.

5. How do you expect to see the market evolve? What changes lie ahead?

One thing's for sure, MPS is evolving fast and Green Issues will be at the forefront of the MPS message. What’s really interesting is watching the different steps people are going through as they change their business models to keep up or forge ahead. We are already seeing MPS creep happening where companies who have got to grips with MPS are expanding the conversation to include BPO and broader business areas. However, we saw recently with the IBM/Westpac restructure that there is still a place for specialisation and the danger in spreading yourself too thin.

In addition, more end user businesses will realise the benefits of including commercial printing as part of the total MPS solution which could lead to the interesting possibility of commercial printers becoming some of the leading players in the MPS market place.

Finally, the cloud remains a huge source of untapped potential for MPS in the SME marketplace. Sometime soon someone will introduce software that allows multiple small business to be managed cost effectively and highly efficiently from within the

6. What trends are you currently seeing in the MPS industry?

I think one of the major trends in this region is the move towards accredited training programs for resellers being introduced by the major manufacturers. They’re realising the need to support their loyal partners and help them develop the skills necessary to not only start having the right conversations with their customers but in many cases simply structure their business more effectively to take full

7. What will be the hot topics and trends this year at the MPS Conference in Sydney?

No doubt the pending Carbon Tax will be a keen topic as businesses struggle to understand the impact and look for the advantage it offers.

8. Why is it important for the industry to attend these events?

Speed of change. MPS is evolving at such a rapid rate and the world is getting smaller; both of which means the opportunities are increasing for those companies willing to stay at the head of the pack. They’re also a great way to meet some of the fantastic people in this industry and share and learn from them.

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